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You determine your degree of findability online and what information people can find when they search your name online.


Edit, delete or add new records
Determine the results people find when searching for you on Find People Search’s website by either editing, deleting or adding new records.

Create an SEO optimized profile
Increase your online search ranking by creating a multi-page website with your personal information, photos, videos and social links. Your personal profile will be SEO optimized to ensure you receive the best possible placement in Google, Yahoo, Bing and all search engine results.

Receive custom alerts and daily traffic reports
You will receive alerts whenever your name is searched via Find People Search’s site along with detailed information about the person searching your name. You will also alerted when your personal Identity Manager website is viewed and receive daily traffic reports detailing who is visiting your website and their origin source.

ID Manager Email account
Upon registration you will be assigned your own Identity Manager email address (YourName@ID.email) that you can use for various online activities when you do not wish to give out your personal email address. Daily summaries will be delivered to your personal email account listing the emails that arrived in your Identity Manager inbox, allowing you to decide which emails you want to respond to without ever giving out your personal email address.











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